Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions apply*

1. My Social Venture WORLD TRDING CORPORATION is one the best trading services provider in the world. Company distributes the profit that it gained from the different trading platform among the investors.

2. The suitable way of investment and withdrawal of amount is through the BTC. All the details related to your profile should be filled correctly and BTC address also should be filled carefully. If you filled wrong details in the profile than company will not be responsible for any kind of damages.

3. Investors can withdrawal their amount any time. If you want to withdrawal from the contract before completing the duration of package than company will endeavor to pay you 70% of total amount of which you invested in the company. (Rewards, Profits and Incomes you received previously will be deducted from your receivable amount of 70%). The amount will be released within 7 working days. If you received 70% amount of your invested amount than you can’t withdrawal from the contract.

4. You will get the expected profit amount according to your package or in case of trading lose company will be endeavored to pay 70% of your invested amount. Investment in crypto and forex trading are subject to market risk so you have to satisfy before the investment.

5. Withdrawal amount will be credited in your BTC wallet/ bank account within 72 hours in working days.

6. Admin charges of 10% will be deducted from any type of withdrawal.

**Withdrawal cant be done untill KYC will not be completed.